Outdated Advice Compelled Gov. to Spend Millions on Swine Flu Vaccine

The Government invested hundreds of millions of pounds in the preceding year on swine flu vaccination; an action that was purely based on incomplete and outdated advice established for a far more serious epidemic, an official investigation came to this conclusion on Thursday.

Ministers signed agreements with GlaxoSmith-Klineand Baxter in June 2009, to provide with 132m doses, which is enough to protect the entire populace.

Without having any knowledge, regarding the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization’s proposal for 100%coverage was made in the month of October 2007, in relation to a possible severe epidemic.

In one of 28 recommendations sparked off by her evaluation of the UK response to the 2009 H1N1 swine-flu outbreak, Dame Deirdre Hine said that the board, which draws up vaccination recommendation, should in the coming times draw on a wider range of proficiency and be more flexible taking under full knowledge, that how it should respond to viruses of varying rigorousness.

Her comments come as the comparatively meek H1N1 swine-flu epidemic has triggered assertions, that health agencies, Governments and pharmaceutical firms overstated its dangers and dramatized the whole situation.

In her 180-page report, Dame Deirdre shared that it was significant that the time and context of counsel was noticeably stated in papers, that have been submitted to ministers.