Electric Car Batteries Developed by Toshiba and Mitsubishi Motors Jointly

Toshiba Corp. said on Friday that it is in co-operation developing car battery systems with Mitsubishi Motors Corp., and that it is expecting to see that finally, it is capable of supplying its rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for usage in the auto maker's electric cars.

Toshiba said that the firms have been functioning jointly for almost a year on developing its super-charge ion battery, or SCiB, for use in electric cars, describing about the battery's long life and recharging speed.

For auto makers, keeping access as a secure option to high-quality and cost-effective rechargeable batteries is vital for victory in the mushrooming market for electric vehicles, and electronics firms have been trying to adjust their operations, so as to meet this new demand.

In the later parts of the preceding year, Panasonic Corp. purchased lithium ion battery manufacturer, Sanyo Electric Co. Other Japanese technology biggies, for example, NEC Corp. and Hitachi Ltd. also desire to secure their shares of the still-nascent battery market.

A Toshiba spokesperson said that the Company intends to turn into a dealer for Mitsubishi, though an authorized decision would have to wait, until the time the battery systems get a clearance through the concluding tests, and makes it to marketplace.