Lawsuit Joined by Ex- Las Cruces Fireman

An ex- city fireman and veteran who was born and raised in Las Cruces has joined a court case that had been filed on Wednesday, by the American Civil Liberties Union that challenged his placement on the federal No-Fly List.

Retired Air Force Officer, Steve Washburn, 55, and nine other men and women, which also includes a disabled Marine Corps veteran and an Army veteran, are suing Attorney General, Eric Holder, FBI Director, Robert Mueller and Timothy Healy, the Director of the Terrorist Screening Center, a seven-year-old association managed by the FBI.

Six of the 10 plaintiffs remain trapped overseas, and were unable to return to the U. S., according to the court complaint, as does Washburn's wife, who is a visa-carrying Spanish citizen who has not been added on the list. She was banned from flying home with her husband.

The pair had been residing in Saudi Arabia, where Washburn worked as a security specialist for a technology firm. This year they had decided to put their belongings for sale, take their savings and relocate in America, taking a week's stop in Dublin, Ireland, to meet a new member of the family, their newborn grandchild, according to court documents.