Paranormal Activity 2 “Too Scary”

It has been reported that the trailers of Paranormal Activity 2 are frightening the viewers. The trailers were aired on Wednesday.

The trailers were shown at the cinema halls before the screening of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Everyone present in the hall nagged the boss of the Cinemark.

Paranormal Activity 1 was a huge hit at the box office and now the people are expecting a lot from its sequel.

The 1st part of the movies caused such a stir that after its release, the makers of the movie immediately decided to shoot for its sequel.

Actress Katie Featherston and actor Micah Sloat, will once again act together in the movie.

The movie has been directed by Tod Williams and the writer is Oren Peli.

Previously, it was decided that the movie will be directed by Kevin Greutert. But somehow the plans changed because Greutert had some prior obligations.

So Greutert started his shoot for Saw VII 3-D and the charge for directing Paranormal Activity 2, was again given to Tod.

The movie will be released on 22nd October, 2010 and it is expected that it will earn around $200 million across the world.