Cisco Launches Tablet Device

Cisco, the Networking organization, has proclaimed that it will launch a new device, Cius for stepping into the tablet sector.

Experts had been speculating the launch of the device in the beginning of this year, when Cnet's Buzz Out Loud got an anonymous e-mail suggesting the introduction of the device.

As per the information available in the email, Cius will be loaded with Google's Android operating system, in addition to a front-facing camera.

It will essentially be a 7-inch long mobile association device framed for use in business ventures.

To add to that, the Company said that it will see Google add new Android apps for the device. The developers will be supported by SDK and APIs.

The device has an average battery-duration of 8 hours. It will also carry a Firefox browser.

The device is equipped with 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor, which aids 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, 3G. It weighs 1.14-pound.

"We are going where no company has gone before. I don't think any technology company in history has played across this broad array of products", said CEO, John Chambers.

The Cisco Live event is likely to see at least 20,000 entries this week.