Facebook Introduces New Service to Justify Information It Seeks

Facebook launched a new arrangement, which will require the developers to get more accountable in producing the information that they seek from the users and the justifications for seeking it.

Now on, whenever the user will choose for any app, a window will appear on the screen, explaining why the system is seeking the particular information.

Although, the developers have full access to the information available, they will have to explain the reasons for demanding particular information from the users.

Bret Taylor, Facebook's Chief Technology Officer, said that the new apps require some information from the users, in order to provide the functions. There is no need to worry, he said, adding that the user will be provided full explanation for the information sought.

“With this new authorization process, when you log into an application with your Facebook account, the application will only be able to access the public parts”, he explained.

A similar privacy policy was announced by the company, last August.

It had then undergone an agreement with the Canadian privacy commission to enhance its security features.

However, the concerns over the security policy instigated the Company to revise the terms in May, this year.