Avandia’s Efficiency Hangs in Balance

A novel study on the effectiveness of an experimental cancer drug, Avandia, has claimed that the drug elevates the risk of fatality due to heart attacks and stroke in cancer patients, when compared to another drug called Actos.

The study report was released in the wake of the Food and Drug Administration pondering over the approval of the drug.

The drug's approval has been hanging in the balance since 2007, when a similar study reported disappointing results over the effectiveness of the drug.

However, another study seeking the same answers, has presented countering effects of the drug.

The Washington University School of Medicine study examined as many as 2,368 diabetics. It said that the drug doesn't lead to any increment in the death risks.

The researchers produced justifications on the ability of Avandia in reducing the risk of fatalities.

GlaxoSmithKline, the drug producer said that it has gone through all the studies conducted on the drug's effectiveness, so far.

"We recognize the strengths and limitations of each type of analysis that must be factored into their evaluation", it stated.

Mary Anne Rhyne, Director of GSK's US media relations, said that random clinical experiments are the basic necessity for the approval of any drug.