Almost Half of Wisconsin African-Americans Obese: Study

Almost one out of every two African-Americans in Wisconsin is obese, which is the highest percentage for this populace of any state, according to a new report by the Trust for America's Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

According to the report, 44% of the state's African-American populace is obese, in comparison to approximately 26% for whites and around 25% for Latinos. On the whole, Wisconsin grabs the position of 24 for rates of adult obesity. This is the foremost year the report has been able to track obesity rates on the basis of race.

The bleak difference between African-Americans and other associations is likely rooted in lifestyle differences, said Jeffery Levi, the Executive Director of the Trust for America's Health.

He said that the range of difference here is basically due to a surrogate marker for the easy access to healthy foods and the availability of safety of physical activities for African-Africans living in Wisconsin.

State Health Officer, Seth Foldy thinks in the similar way, making a note that if the corner store sells just chips and soda, rather than fruits and vegetables, or if kids cannot safely play outside, healthy lifestyle selections can be difficult to make.