Heart Perils and Testosterone Get Linked

Researchers from U. S. on Wednesday stated that Testosterone treatments might happen to build muscle mass in men, who are older in age, however, they might carry a risk of heart problems in people with reduced mobility.

The Massachusetts study, which was reported online by the New England Journal of Medicine, was brought to a halt after six months, since the men making use of a hormone gel were developing so many heart, breathing and skin troubles, in contrast to patients, who had been applying a placebo gel to their shoulders or upper arms almost each day.

Dr. Shalender Bhasin of the Boston University School of Medicine said in a telephonic conference that the finding tend to raise some qualms relating to the safety of giving testosterone to older men.

Levels of testosterone, the supposed male hormone, decline with aging process in men. Supplementing it in healthy men can build muscle mass and potency and lessen the risk of disability.

The new examination was the foremost to have assessed its efficiency in men aged 65 or above, who already had mobility problems, for example, difficulty in walking two blocks or climbing a minimum of 10 stairs at a time.

The finding seems to have surprised the medical fraternity.