Coroner Urges Installation of Defibrillators in Public Place

A Quebec based coroner has claimed that the school going boy might have not died if the school would have a defibrillator arrangement.

Yanick Charpentier, the 12 year old boy, who died after being hit by a fellow girl in the lunch break in Saint- Eustache in November 2007.

He was already suffering from a heart ailment, which doubled after the unintentional move, said Coroner Andrée Kronstrom.

She said that there were a number of factors, which led to the mishap. He received many punches from the girl, with whom he was fighting. In addition, he suffered fatigue and emotional disturbance.

The report produced by Kronstrom was compiled in collaboration with pediatric cardiologist, Joaquim Miro.

Miro said that the medical examinations show that the boy could have been saved if the fight would have controlled, leading to an ease in his emotional pressure.

The cardiologist urged the installation of defibrillators in public places, in order to aid others like Yanick.

"I believe that it's very important that our society in Quebec catches up with the deployment of such devices compared to other jurisdictions in North America”, he said.

Yves Charpentier, Yanick’s father appreciated the report.