Elizabeth Edwards to Appear in an Interview

Elizabeth Edwards will give her first interview after getting estranged from her husband, John Edwards, who was a two-time Democratic presidential candidate.

Edwards was interviewed by Matt Lauer at a morning show. She talked about the ending of her 30-year marriage at the show and said that she is "not just a cuckolded wife".

She also revealed about the soft cover release of her national bestseller, "Resilience". She has added a new epilogue in the book regarding the recent developments in her life.

The interview will be broadcast on Wednesday, June 30th on TODAY. In the interview, Lauer had asked Elizabeth Edwards how the last few years of her marriage had gone. She replied that she did not get what she had expected from her marriage in these years. However, she said that she has got many good things in all these years like her children and many other wonderful opportunities.

She also said in the interview that she is keeping her best foot forward to fight cancer so that she will be able to see her youngest child graduate from high school. However, she disclosed that it would take him eight years to do that.

Elizabeth Edwards has two school going children namely, Emma, 12 and Jack 10.