MapQuest Undergoes Revamping

AOL has refurbished the MapQuest in order to enhance the range of services it provides by allowing the users to get a firsthand knowledge of the place they locate.

The company has considered the revamp in the service with a hope of reentering the competitive grounds. Already, when options like Google Map, have dominated the map search sector, AOL has now attempted to enter the market and regain its lost thrust.

MapQuest has been regarded as the first service to offer online access to mapping, wherein, the maps could easily be added to the search pages as well as other services.

Google dominated the mapping sector, last year, with its provisions in Google earth.

The latest features added to MapQuest, include One-box search engine, My Maps which eases the log-in course of action, the search saving option, directory data in Patch and the photo uploading feature.

However, the regular users of the service do not find it new. A number of the features listed above are already available in Google Maps or Microsoft's (MSFT) map service.

The most appreciated feature added to the service, lately, is the ability of adding local information, available at AOL's Patch. com unit.