Government Approved for Granting $19 Billion to NASA

It has been reported that the Obama’s administration has accepted to enhance the funding for NASA space programs. The committee members, who administer NASA, have given their consent to the $19 billion grants for the current year.

The funds will be available to NASA from 1st October.

The officials reported that they have increased the amount of funds as compared to the past few years.

However, they also said that the ruling members have informed that NASA can use this large amount for its functioning only if the House and other members give an approval to its policy.

The decision of the House is again putting a halt on the NASA’s space program. They are of the view that the probability of the Congress members to approve its project this year, is very low.

Wolf said, "We need a strong American space program. I hope we can find a compromise because we need it”.

Obama’s financial plans are receiving a lot of criticism because they are against the “return to the moon project”. The plans can lead to a situation when they will have to depend on rockets to carry citizens to the Space Station, according to the Senate.