TransMedia Reveals Plans to Release New Glide OS Version

New York-based TransMedia has revealed its plans to release a new and improved, upgraded version of its Glide OS, a media sharing and application suite that makes searches for the same easier. According to the company's official statement, the new update will be released on December 07.

Taking a cue from the "embrace and extend" method used by Microsoft for Netscape, TransMedia is working on making the new Glide OS easily accessible from any site by introducing browser plug ins for the same for popular Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari browsers.

Glide OS is TransMedia's much popular Webtop, which offers various "online productivity applications in conjunction with rights-based media sharing and collaboration options, atop online file storage". The service can be accessed from most web and mobile phone browsers.

With the upcoming version, the Glide OS aims at giving users the capability to conduct searches, find content across various websites and save it in Microsoft Word or Glide Write Document formats. "The idea is to make the Web your hard drive", said TransMedia CEO Donald Leka.