Google rolls out Android OS 2.2 to Nexus One smartphone

Google has officially rolled out the latest version of the Android mobile operating system for the owners of the Nexus One smartphone.

The new version, Android OS 2.2, codenamed Froyo, claims to have brought a number of improvements over the old 2.1 version. Google claims that Android OS 2.2 would increase performance speed by up to fivefold.

The update will allow users to share their WiFi connection with up to eight other devices. Users will also be able to use 2.2 powered devices as a 3G connection for Windows and Linux laptops via a USB cable.

It will allow users to access phone, applications finder and browser from any of the five home screen panels.

Better Javascript performance, native support for Flash 10.1 and improved support for Exchange are some of the other striking features of the update. In addition, the galleries and camera have been overhauled slightly.

However, to begin with the over-the-air update has been made available only to Nexus One handsets. The new version of Android is expected to hit HTC Desire devices by the third quarter of this year.

Android’s next version, codenamed Gingerbread, is reportedly already in the pipeline and should be rolled out by the end of current year.