HIP slashing the house prices

According to the figures revealed out, the House prices have dwindled for the first time since many years.

As per the Land Registry data the value estimated to be the average of the home price has slithered to 0.2% in value which is approximated to be £282 to £165,314 since April and May.

The first month over month fall since April last year has depicted a significant curve in the movement going downwards depicting that the market is moving slowly.

With the recent findings and conclusions drawn in the month of January this year, the prices are still plunging by more than 2% amidst the given time of four weeks as the would-be buyer's outperformed the sellers.

However things seem to improve gradually, especially after the contentious Home Information Packs were curtailed, led to mark a soar in the properties for sale.

The market has taken an altogether different front, depicting the front as of the buyer's market, keeping in mind the geographical location and demographics.