People Agitated With Higher Tolls

The state has supported carpooling for around two decades. But recently, there has been a drastic change in the policy as the local and state authorities are facing financial constraints.

Now the carpoolers will have to pay a toll of $2.50 on all Bay Area bridges, except the Golden Gate, where it will be $3.

Motorists are also being affected by the rise in tolls. There has been an increase in the licensing fees and parking rates and the tickets have become all the more costly. The overall increase in costs is worth several hundred Dollars per year.

Mr. Hogan, a resident of Newark, is 59 years of age and works at the Kelly Moore Paint factory in San Carlo. He reveals that the rules are becoming tougher and there is also a rise in prices. He adds that there are no options left for people like him, as he can neither take a train or a boat.

Bob Poole, of the Reason Foundation, reveals that motorists are easy target for the politicians as they keep on hiking the taxes gradually.

After January 1, if a person is caught while talking on a cell phone, then he is liable to pay $255 as punishment. This amount is two times the fine charged earlier.