Planning To Save 100M: Pentagon

Pentagon officers said on Monday that they intend to slash as much as $100 billion over the subsequent five years out of the billions of Dollars exhausted on a yearly basis in purchasing weapons systems and other services from outside providers.

The Pentagon invests almost $700 billion a year on defense, $300 billion of which goes towards salaries and reimbursement for military and civilian workers.

The left amount is for weapons, which includes airplanes and ships, and for service contracts to maintain computers running and facilities under working conditions.

Defense Secretary, Robert M. Gates said that he wants agreements inspected more closely for faults and extra overhead. He said that the savings might be shifted to hold up U. S. troops all around the world.

Pentagon officers said that they are looking forward to save $400 billion that is usually spent on goods and services.

Gates said that the attempt is fraction of his plans in reorganizing the way the Pentagon does business.

He said that he has asked Pentagon officials over the previous month to take a hard, magnanimous look at how the division is staffed, organized and managed.

As a matter of code and political authenticity, all must be done to make every taxpayer Dollar count, he said.