Verizon Cuts Microsoft Kin Phone Costs

In a recent development, Verizon has cut the costs of Microsoft's two smartphones namely, Kin One and Kin Two. Both the phones have been produced by Sharp.

These phones were released six months ago and since then, their popularity has drastically declined. The price of Kin One is only $29.99 with a two year plan. On the other hand, the cost of Kin Two is $49.99.

It would have been more sensible for Verizon to give the products away rather than slashing the prices so low.

The strategy to project them as cool and savvy did not seem to work well with the customers. The phones did not get good reviews and the analysts complained about their software and expressed disbelief when they came to know that apps of third party were barred from the devices.

These phones were specially designed for "download generation" children, but their prices were such that kids couldn't afford them.

There was a rumor that the Kins are selling miserably. Business Insider also mentioned a rumor which was not validated. According to it, the total Kin sales were only 500. This was a final blow to the sales of the product.