Obama’s New Space Policy

A new space policy has been outlined by the Obama administration which will give foreign Governments like China and some other private companies the responsibility of monitoring Earth's climate. Under the policy, these companies will also be responsible of tracking and removing orbital debris and protecting satellites.

President Barack Obama's plan for NASA is to hire private space taxis to fly crews to the International Space Station. The administration shared that new policy envisages collaboration with other countries, possibly China.

The administration officials further added that these Governments, as well as companies, will track and take away abandoned spacecraft and debris from orbit. They will also develop backups for key space technologies, endangered by natural hazards such as solar storms or deliberate interfering.

White House National Security Council Space Policy Director, Peter Marquez said, "We want to be able to maintain those capabilities no matter what the conditions were".

Barry Pavel, the National Security Council Senior Director for Defense Policy and Strategy, shared that the main aim of the policy is to bring enhanced stability to space.

Pavel further clarified that the Obama order is proposed to help "sustain and reinvigorate the U. S. industrial base", along with national security, scientific research and civil space programs.