Research Being Conducted to Find Type of Prostate Tumor

Scientists are conducting a study to find out whether prostate cancer requires immediate treatment or it can be treated later on.

Experts reveal that around 218,000 American men will have prostate cancer this year. Also, 85% of the tumors will develop slowly and not cause any problem. However, the remaining 15% are very dangerous.

Presently, there is no technique through which the doctors are able to know which among them are lethal and which are not. Therefore, many men undergo radiation and surgery without any requirement. This results in a higher risk of impotence.

Genetic studies are being conducted to evaluate different type of these cancers and how much harm they can cause. 24 different types of prostate cancer have been discovered by Scientists at the University of Michigan. These cancers have different virulence and their DNA signatures can be interpreted like a bar code.

The Scientists at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center have identified a specific gene, which results in the spread of prostate cancer. These new findings may result in the devising of new treatments, which will be meant particularly for the type of prostate cancer that a man has.