NBN’s Agreement Raises Telstra Position

The reviews of Telstra's contract with the Government over national broadband network are coming in. These positive reviews are a new start for telco as a technology-marketing company, instead of engineering concern.

Telstra can afford to be optimistic as the deal would be beneficiary of a subsidy worth at least $2 billion from the taxpayers of Australia.

NBN’s Chief Executive, Mike Quigley is eager to get fibre network into action and he is also going to sign up his old company, Alcatel Lucent, to provide the smart electronics for the network and arranging other infrastructure builders.

Today, Quigley took a first step and bestowed his first $2 million salary cheque to Neuroscience Research Australia, to facilitate fund plans like the rehabilitation through Nintendo Wii and new stroke-monitoring service.

Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy has emphasized on the service profits of fast broadband, and this project highlights that the stroke patients in remote areas can be found and can get help from the central locations on the internet through broadband.

Quigley, who himself is suffering from leukemia, has got the benefit from both scientific research and technology, which showed his eagerness to work efficiently for 12 months to hold up a project that just happens to promote his new product.