SMobile and Warnings Relating to Android

One of the things, that is good about Google's Android operating system, is that, it is an open platform. Any person can write an application and, nothing like Apple's tight hold on iPhone and iPod apps. You don't need Google's permission to allocate an app in the Android marketplace.

Yet, there are some drawbacks with that openness.

The Security Company carried out a ‘threat analysis’ that ‘specifies that there are thousands of applications that are available in the market, which provide access to personal information, location data or access to services that might be used for despicable purposes.

The report said that almost 20% of the 48,000 apps send in request for permission to access private or sensitive information that an invader may possibly make use of for malevolent purposes.

SMobile produces security software for mobile tools and has a vested interest in raising attention towards worries, but that doesn't denote that warnings like these should be ignored.

The report offers the instance of ‘Droid 09’, a phishing application that said that it would permit Android users to carry out banking activities via their phone. It is though, not clear as to what would happen if the app did anything with banking testimonial, but it surely raised worry amongst online banking professionals.