Oil Companies Criticized

Even though, oil Companies have spent huge amounts of money, to dig huge wells to extract more money, not much effort has gone into developing better technologies to deal with any oil spill incident.

Experts also stress that the oil industry and the Government needs to commit more resources to deal with these types of incidents. It was also pointed that better technology and resources are required to deal with oil spill incidents.

An expert from Worldocean Consulting, an oil spill prevention and response planning firm in British Columbia, was surprised that even after the 1979 Mexican oil spill incident, better ways and means of dealing with these incidents have not been developed.

Environment experts have also severely criticized the oil Companies and the U.S. Government for not being firm with the oil firms, who are more concerned with profits than safety.

A lot of oil from the latest oil spill disaster has already escaped into the sea and the surrounding areas. It is expected to have a devastating impact on the whole ecology of the region and also, severely harms the marine life in the region.

The two main techniques being used include mechanical skimmers and oil dispersants. These were also used during the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska.

Most of the experts feel that oil Companies have not made adequate investment in developing better safety techniques and procedures.