Microsoft's Xbox, Nintendo's Wii Leaves Sony PlayStation Behind

Some time ago, the Sony PlayStation was at the number one spot in the next-gen videogame systems.

But at present, Sony has drifted to the third rank.

Microsoft's novel Xbox 360 Slim, declared at last week's E3 conference in Los Angeles, looks good, and Nintendo's Wii division seems to be the present ruler.

Microsoft's new Xbox was unveiled last week with an incorporated 802.11n WiFi (the fast stuff) and a 250-gig hard drive. It will come at a price of $299 and will be quicker and quieter than the present model.

But, the huge piece of news from the corporation was that it officially christened its Project Natal hands-free control system as Kinect, and it will come out on Nov. 4 along with 15 titles.

The Xbox 360 add-on makes use of superior camera and computer technology to enable you intermingle with the console and play games by just moving your limbs. No more remote controls for playing. Reporters, who saw a demonstration this week, were highly taken by the device.

Kinect is expected to be the most striking gaming technology to surface this year and will breed an entire new set of games.

Meanwhile, EA Sports is already developing EA Sports Active 2, costing $99.99 for the Kinect system. The corporation vows that the exercise game will follow complete body moment.