Jason Bateman Angers Mob by Skipping iPhone Queue

Jason Bateman booed 2,000 people on Thursday, when he skipped the queue at a Los Angeles Apple store to get the latest edition of the iPhone.

The 41-year-old actor was waiting in line to get his iPhone 4, when an Apple worker guided Jason Bateman out of queue and into the store. Jason Bateman then put his head down and the huge mob of people shouted at him into the door.

A source told the magazine, "Everyone literally started booing and hissing!"

Another onlooker remarked that the crowd hooted and yelled, and Jason lowered his head.

The line of people waiting for the latest device had enveloped the block, before Jason Bateman reached the place.

However, it's not his mistake. The Apple worker came out of the store and took him in. It’s obvious that anybody in that queue would have done what he did.

If anybody is wrong, it's not Jason Bateman, but the employee who almost began an Apple iPhone 4 rampage. This launch affair might have turned into an awfully bad episode. Thanks to the Los Angeles geeks for maintaining peace.