Facebook’s A11 – A Full Attack on Google

It has been reported that the social networking website, Facebook with its Social Graph-based search is all set to give a tough competition to Google.

A11 has stirred up Google completely and has showed that Google really needs to improve its semantic and public search.

Facebook’s Representative said in an interview, "[A]ll Open Graph-enabled web pages will show up in search when a user likes them”.

It has been noticed that Facebook is just obeying the demands of its users and acting according to their wants, interests and preferences. Where Google shows the search results also from the social networks, Facebook is taking the help of “like baiting” instead of link baiting, to draw more and more users.

Earlier, Facebook never posed any danger to Google, but now with the deal with Microsoft and Microsoft’s Bing on Facebook, Google really needs to wake up and take some steps.

In a meeting, Facebook Executives reported that the option of “Like” on the Facebook pages will slowly help Web pages to function, as Facebook pages.

Their main strategy is to find out and make possible for the users to design their profile by liking different items on the net.