Criticism over Pharma Industry’s Handling of Swine Flu Pandemic

A contentious report was supported by the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly. The report was concerned with the H1N1flu pandemic and it asked the pharmaceutical industry to modify its regulations concerning cooperation with the public sector. It was published on June 4 by the Assembly Health Committee.

In the discussion over the report the Parliamentarians criticized the misuse of large amount of public funds. They also attacked the unreasonable panic and fear, which was created regarding the pandemic.

They were of the view that the fear of the pandemic was created due to the manner in which the crisis was handled by the European Union (EU), World Health Organization (WHO), health organizations and national administrations.

The report was brought about by Health Committee reporters and Paul Flynn, who is the UK Labour Member of Parliament. The report highlighted the failures in clarity of decision-making regarding the pandemic. The findings of the report have highlighted apprehension over influence of the pharmaceutical industry in the decision making process.

They also said that the confidence over the pharmaceutical industry has decreased and this could be terrible in the case of occurrence of another pandemic. The assembly also blamed WHO for protecting itself and not willing to recognize that alterations were made in the definition of the pandemic.