UK Women Volunteer for Race for Life 2010

Numerous UK women participated in the 2010 Race for Life event on Wednesday evening at Harrogate. As many as 3,200 women from all age groups gathered for the fundraiser event.

The money collected at the event was utilized in the funding of the Cancer Research UK.

Andy Wilson, Event manager expressed her gratitude towards the volunteers in the event. She said this year’s event was again a big success.

“It was very emotional seeing all the 'back-signs' showing why women were taking part – in memory or celebration of a loved one”, she said.

The event saw a large number of women gathering to work for the cause of cancer, she added. The event was first held in 1994, making way every year since then, it made a 15% contribution towards the reduction in the number of deaths due to cancer.

Andy alarmed that there is a possibility that one in three Britons going in for a cancer diagnosis during their lifetime. She exclaimed that the good part is that events like Race For Life and many others have managed to reduce the number of deaths due to cancer, over the last few years.