Wells Criticizing McGimpsey for Health Pay Rise

A Senior DUP associate has been blamed with getting his facts wrong in a row over pay increase for dentists and doctors, announced by the Health Minister, previously this week.

Jim Wells, Chair of the Stormont Health Committee, criticized the Health Minister, Michael McGimpsey for his verdict to honor pay increases to a number of doctors, claiming that it was a scandal to boost salaries for doctors and dentists whilst nurses and other health service workers face a pay freeze.

It is the most recent row between the DUP and Mr. McGimpsey, who has been in clash with Finance Minister, Sammy Wilson and ex- MP, Iris Robinson over his financial plan on a number of occasions.

Mr. Wells said that Michael McGimpsey will have to offer explanation to the community that why he is of the thought that nurses should accept a pay freeze scenario whilst at the similar time; there is an increase in the salary of doctors and dentists.

Mr. McGimpsey said the pay increases he announced this week were as a consequence of UK-wide suggestions made before the declaration concerning job freezes for public sector staff.

He said that pay awards for nurses come under the dispatch of the NHS Pay Review Body.