Today is Jackson’s First Death Anniversary

Friday marks the first death anniversary of Michael Jackson. Many programs will pay tribute to the king of pop. The pop star had died last year due to drug overdose.

CBS will telecast "The King of Pop: One Year Later" at 8 a. m. Also, the “Early Show” will devote an hour to pay tribute to the singer. In London, James Morrison will perform on "Man in the Mirror".

One year ago DJ Jon Quick was slated to perform at a party when he got the news of Jackson’s death. So, rather than playing the latest hits at the party he decided to play Jackson’s songs in an attempt to pay tribute to the legendary pop star.

He disclosed that it was the first time that he saw people crying, while simultaneously dancing at the dance floor.

So, today again the DJ will play Jackson’s tracks at the club Taj in Manhattan. This time he is looking forward to a more jovial party. He revealed that people are keen on enjoying his music and also, celebrating his life. He also said that his albums can be compared to timelines in a person’s life, as one can recollect his phase of life when the pop star’s album “Thriller” was released.