Go-Ahead Group aiming to meet expectations

This Thursday the Bus and rail company, Go-Ahead Group PLC stayed vigilant on the coming prospects, all lined up for the near future amidst the U.K. economy but at the same point of time expressed that they are pretty sure on the expectations fixed ahead for the nearing fiscal year and they also expects to maintain the dividend part as the priority agenda.

Further the firm added that its bus operations are all in line to outperform and shall expects the operating profit in the fiscal year till July 3 which shall be approximately GBP63 million as compared with the GBP66.6 million an year earlier.

The firm also thinks over the revenue and mileage across its U.K.-regulated London bus operations to plunge around 6% in the coming 12-month period. But on an comparable basis the same is expected to be just somewhere around 2%.

Also the revenue and passenger figures at the deregulated bus operations may plunge by 7%, but, on a comparable basis, the growth in the passenger figures is expected to move around 3% and the revenue growth shall be

In the rail division, the operating profit for the whole year comes around to be approximately GBP34 million as compared with the GBP61.5 million in the previous year. In the next financial year, the firm expects that the operating profit margin may dwindle.