Senator: For-Profit Institutions Need Sterner Supervision

Commercial colleges require sterner supervision and ruling, according to a report from a Democratic Senate Committee Chairman, which inquires the industry’s marketing expenditure, tuition fees and dependence on taxpayer funds.

The Senate supervision investigation is part of the rising study of for-profit education firms, together with Apollo Group Inc.’s University of Phoenix, ITT Educational Services Inc. and Career Education Corp.

President Barack Obama’s management is putting forward stronger rule for the industry owing to fear that employers are taking up untrained students and deserting them with loans that they might not be able to pay back.

The report says, “The publicly available data, in tandem with mounting reports of questionable practices and poor student outcome, yield a mixed portrait of the for-profit higher education industry that calls into question the taxpayers’ return on their multibillion-dollar investment”.

Today’s trial will not offer the masses an unbiased viewpoint of for- profit colleges since industry reviewers rule the witness listing, Harris Miller, President of the Career College Association, said in an interview.

He said that the institutes usually provide high-quality education to groups that are not served properly, like low-income and minority pupils.

Miller, whose group symbolizes over 1,400 for-profit colleges, said that when you mull over all the details, both taxpayers and pupils are receiving a good enough return on their investment.