Google Tools Helpful for SMBs

According to a recent report, Google has given an official confirmation that Google Voice will now be a free service.

Google Voice adds another part to the set of tools accessible from Google. This move will be beneficial for the small and medium businesses as they will be equipped with cheaper tools which will help them in carrying out their business in a way that larger businesses do.

Big businesses have the required funds for spending on strong networking and efficient infrastructure. They can also employ skilled workforce for execution, maintenance of the tools.

However, the small and medium businesses do not have such facilities, although they have similar needs. These Companies have to rely on real time communication for getting in touch with their associates and consumers.

Google gives many tools which are helpful for these small and large businesses. These include Gmail, Google Buzz, Google Wave, Gdrive, Google Voice and Google Docs.

If these Companies use a combination of these tools then they will be able to form a broad networking and the required infrastructure for communication and association.

Thus, Google provides a varied and inclusive assortment, which fits the bill of SMBs. These products may not be ideal but are definitely affordable.