Microsoft Releases IE9 Update for Developers

Microsoft is trying hard to convince everyone that the upcoming Internet Explorer 9 is a radical change from other browsers and also performs much better. It also released the third Platform Preview for Internet Explorer 9 for developers. It will also support the upcoming HTML5 standard apart from being very fast.

Microsoft also had support of its hardware partners including Asus, Nvidia, AMD and Dell to reveal how improvement in hardware is also helping Internet Explorer 9 to perform much faster than any other browser. It wants the browser to benefit from the powerful hardware used in today's multi-core processors.

Microsoft is also claiming that Internet Explorer 9 has beaten both Chrome and Firefox and delivers faster animation and Internet performance. In a recently done SunSpider benchmark testing, Microsoft IE9 was able to beat both Chrome and the latest version of Firefox.

The latest version of Internet Explorer also comes with a new JavaScript engine called Chakra. It helps it to increase its speed and performance significantly. The initial performance of Internet Explorer 9 has been very impressive.

Experts feel that if this performance can be sustained when the beta version is launched, it can improve the position of Internet Explorer in the Web browser market. But Microsoft has still not revealed its plans to release the beta version of Internet Explorer 9.

The market share of Internet Explorer has been going down in the recent times. Explorer has a share of 60% while Firefox enjoys 24.6%, Google's Chrome has 6.7%, Apple's Safari has 4.7% and Opera has 2.3% market share.