Microsoft’s Revamped Version of Bing iPhone Application

It has been reported that Multinational Computer Technology Corporation, Microsoft has improved the working of its Bing iPhone app. The app can now be used for social networking.

It means now you can use the app for checking your friends' status and latest updates on Twitter as well as Facebook.

Microsoft informed that for using the new web services of the Bing, you will have to change the settings of your Bing app in your mobile phones or other devices in which you are using it.

To start it, you will have to click on the "social" tab and then match the Facebook or Twitter accounts to the application.

Microsoft has also included visual scanning in its applications.

It means if you like the book-cover of any book or any other product, you can take a picture of that product with your iPhone's camera. By using the Bing app the user would be provided a link, which will be connected directly to the product's official website.

The same feature has also been provided by Amazon and Google Inc. in its iPhones.

The Company stated that you can avail the new version of Bing from any App store and you can use Bing iPhone app with your iPhone, iPod, as well as, iPad.