Amador Retailers Sell Tobacco Items to Teenagers

A survey has revealed that a number of teenagers avail tobacco products across the Amador County, despite national ban imposed on the selling of any tobacco item to those aged below 18 years.

The report suggests that nearly 7% of the retailers in the region are involved in the breach, selling these products to the teenagers undercover.

In addition, it found that the products are being sold at all varieties of stores in the region, ranging from liquor stores to grocery stores and drugstores.

Larry Fossen, Tobacco Reduction of Amador County Community Coalition Chairman, said that these findings will help them control such activities which pose a threat on the health of the youth.

"Our local tobacco retailers need to ensure they are not selling any form of tobacco to youth under 18", added Larry.

It is the duty, as well as, accountability of the retailers to verify the identity of the consumers. They are expected to follow the rules and ensure that there are no violations at the consumer end.

The sates in the country had passed another law in 2005, which criminalizes the open display of tobacco products.

The products include pipe tobacco, cigarettes, bidis and chewing tobacco.