Experts Seek Regulations on Radiation Output in CT Scan

The health experts, in a discussion over the security in CT scans, proposed the Congress to authorize the Food and Drug Administration for monitoring and making it certain that the patients remain protected from harmful levels of radiation.

A number of patients, who have received the higher-than-required exposure to the radiations due the staff faults, have been suffering strokes, said radiologist Rebecca Smith-Bindman, in her editorial appearing in New England Journal of Medicine.

She has cited the case of a 59 year old school teacher, who was exposed to the radiations for a longer time. She has been suffering from a facial paralysis Bell's palsy.

Although, the paralysis was removed within weeks of the scan, yet she suffered perpetual sickness and other problems like hair loss, etc.

In a detailed investigation, it was found that the lady had been given 10 times greater exposure to the radiations. The staffers could not identify the amount at that time.

"Radiation doses are higher than they should be and they vary dramatically within and between facilities and that is not acceptable", said Dr. Rebecca.

She argued that the problem lies in the fact that there are no set standards defined, which can manipulate the amount of radiations to be received by the patients.