Breast Cancer Deaths Hit Underinsured Black Women More

A new study claims that the numbers of uninsured black women in America are more prone to deaths due to breast cancer than the uninsured white women, despite receiving the same chemotherapy from the same doctors.

The researchers explained that there is a certainty that the doctors do not discriminate with the African-Americans in any way.

Lead researcher, Dr. Ian K. Komenaka, of Wishard Memorial Hospital in Indianapolis, said that the doctors are absolutely impartial.

The study examined as many as 600 women with breast cancer. It was observed that a majority of them were without insurance or only had Medicare or Medicaid.

The study published in Journal of the National Cancer Institute, attempted to draw the reasons for the observations. They said that the differences in the continued existence between the white and the black women could be due to difference in the nature of the tumors or the social circumstances and physical conditions.

"There are several factors which may be important. The difference in risk is very complex", Komenaka said.

The researchers said that a further study will be conducted to determine the causes of these differences in the survival rate.