Study: Overweight People at Age 50 or More Have a Risk of Developing Diabetes

According to a new study, obesity and weight gain boost the possibility for developing diabetes in the seniors, but the link is not as robust after age 75, as it is for younger grown-ups.

Researchers tracked persons who are more than 65 years of age for over a decade in one of the biggest and greatest studies ever to look into the affect of heaviness and weight gain on diabetes threat in the seniors.

On the whole, individuals involved in the study, who had the maximum weight, were two to six times more prone to contract diabetes during the follow-up as persons who weighed the slightest.

Individuals who were overweight at age 50 and put on 20 pounds or extra before participating in the study were five times more liable to get diabetes compared to people who were not obese and did not put on weight.

The study comes in the June 23/30 edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Lead Researcher, Mary L. Biggs, PhD, of the University of Washington, Seattle, tells WebMD, "We already knew it was important to maintain an optimal weight to lower diabetes risk, and this study finds that it remains important into old age".