Tesco announces pricing and tariffs for iPhone 4

Tesco has announced its pricing and tariffs for Apple's iPhone 4, which is making its UK debut on 24th of June.

Tesco is offering a 16GB pay-as-you-go iPhone 4 for £479, while the 32GB version is available for £569.

A 16GB iPhone 4 on 12-month contract costs £20 per month, while the handset costs £349. Customers can also grab the 16GB version for £19, if the go for 24-month contract at £45 per month. The 32GB version costs £99 on the same deal.

Orange, Vodafone and O2 have already announced tariffs for the iPhone 4.

Vodafone has revealed pricing for the iPhone 4, with a range of plans staring from £25-a-month. All of its monthly plans offer 1GB mobile internet and webmail plus 1GB of Wi-Fi with Openzone. Moreover, its pans over £45 per month offer 5MB European data roaming per day or 150MB per month.

Comparatively, the cheapest deal on Orange is £30-a-month on a 24-month contract, while its "unlimited" mobile internet browsing and Wi-Fi packages are capped at
750MB each a month.

O2 will offer 1GB of data on only the most expensive iPhone 4 packages as it has already dropped its unlimited data plan.

Apple's much-anticipated iPhone 4 will be available through almost all major network providers except Virgin Media in the UK.