MobileMe Performs Successfully in Finding the Lost iPhone and iPad

In a recent incident, the accidently lost iPhone and iPad were found again after much of drama by the help of MobileMe’s Find My iPhone.

The episode stated when a garbage truck took Eric Boehs’ bag, his iPhone and iPad. In order to find the gadgets, Eric instantly fired up his Mac and made use of MobileMe’s Find My iPhone service for underlining the iPhone on Google Maps. With the iPad of Billy, Eric’s friend, both started finding the lost phone and the iPad, along with videographer Kyle Roberts.

The device beeped and indicated the direction. The garbage truck containing Eric’s stuff was parked outside Hooters. Billy and Eric followed the instructed way, meanwhile the trash truck moved from the location. After much of tracing, finally the service paid and the devices were found, although not in a good condition.

Eric found both his gadgets run over by some vehicle. The screen of the phone was found broken but surprisingly it was still working. At least the phone was in a good state to send the indicating signals back and constantly kept the searchers updated.

The iPad was found in a terrible condition, as it was badly broken and it was evident that the vehicle that ran over the aluminum unibody casing was very heavy.

This instance has proved that Find my iPhone is an appreciable service.