Senate Cleared Backlogged Nominations in Obama Management Allowing Full Membership

The Senate cleared out dozens of backlogged Obama management nominations on Tuesday, which included two arrangements for the National Labour Relations Board that will permit it to function with full membership for the first time in two and a half years.

Senators gave approval collectively to the appointment of Democrat, Mark Pearce and Republican, Brian Hayes to fill out the five-member board, which intercedes in labour-management disagreements. Just in the previous week, the Supreme Court ruled the NLRB acted without power in more than 500 cases since it had just two members.

Action on the nominations came just after Democrats settled to put off a vote on one more NLRB member, Craig Becker, to a full five-year term on the board.

Becker, who Republicans stubbornly oppose due to his long ties to labour unions, is at present serving on the board on a temporary basis after getting a recess appointment from President Obama this spring.

A recess appointment lets Becker to serve without getting Senate affirmation but his term will finish at the end of this congressional session in early 2011.

Democrats can still take steps to get Becker a full term on the Board; however, it will need a lengthy floor dispute to defeat a Republican filibuster.