Microsoft rolls out HealthVault in UK

Microsoft’s cloud-based health-organiser platform, HealthVault, is now available in the UK on the Health & Lifestyle channel of the MSN network.

Brits will be able to sign up for a HealthVault account for free. The account will allow them to store personal health information. They will also be able to connect readings from monitoring devices such as blood pressure meters.

The platform will let organizations to create applications that allow individuals to monitor different aspects of their physiological performance, based on user-supplied data such as body mass index and heart rate.

Microsoft said a wide range of partners and developers would be allowed to use the platform to create new applications. Approved applications would be provided access to data in HealthVault; however, they wouldn’t be allowed to hold the data.

Microsoft said it would generate revenues through a combination of advertising and co-development fees charged from partners.