High Court Favors Law Barring Support to Terrorist Groups

The Supreme Court yesterday reportedly removed a federal law that restricts extension of training and related advice to terrorist groups, even if concerned with peaceful and lawful activities. Also, it cleared that such a decision would not breach the right to free speech for them.

The court outlined that Congress and the executive branch showed some appropriate reasons that supported the decision to curb provision of "material support'' to foreign organizations considered to be terrorists under the USA Patriot Act.

The justices is reported to be vote 6-3 in favor of imposing ban on free-speech right from humanitarian aid groups to the law that upholds provision of backing the court's decision towards foreign terrorist organizations.

Justice Stephen G. Breyer quoted, "In such cases, our decisions must reflect the Constitution's grant of foreign affairs and defense powers to the president and to Congress but without denying our own special judicial obligation to protect the constitutional rights of individuals".

The Obama administration believed that the law has been tried for nearly 150 times since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorism attacks. However, it has been utilized for the type of speech involved in this case.

The aid organizations that have stood against the law is revealed to have trained a Kurdish group in Turkey in a bid to bring human rights complaints to the United Nations and back them in the peace negotiations. f