Orange offer Micro SIM adaptor for free

All of the Orange customers purchasing the iPhone 4 will get a Micro SIM adaptor free of cost, one of company’s Twitter feed confirmed.

It should be noted here that Apple’s iPhone 4 accepts Micro SIM rather than a standard SIM. Orange’s Micro SIM adaptor will allow users to use the card in any unlocked smartphone or they will be able to take out their Micro SIM cards from their iPads to put them in their phones.

But, using a Micro SIM card in other devices could violate terms and services signed with the network provider.

O2 is also offering SIM adaptors to its customers; however O2 customers will have to collect adaptors from local stores.

The iPhone 4 will make its UK debut on 24th of June via a range of network providers including Orange, O2, Vodafone and AT&T.