UK’s first vintage computing festival shows Twitter on a ZX Spectrum

Old computers such as ZX Spectrum shouldn’t be considered as rubbish.

The National Museum of Computing hosted the inaugural of vintage computing festival at Bletchley Park this weekend, revealing the history of computer in Britain.

At the festival, the ZX Spectrum, one of the classic 80s computers, had been hacked to use Twitter. Twitter on ZX Spectrum became the centre of attraction at the festival, which was first of its kind in Britain.

Code-breaking machines from Second World War along with computers from the 1970s, 80s and 90s were some of the other attractions at the festival.

There was also a range of retro gaming challenges and performances from the chiptune artist Pixelh8 and Synthpop pioneers OMD.

Britain’s first-ever Vintage computing festival proved that computing in the country has a much greater history than many of us realize.