Toshiba’s New Dual-Core ARM Processor Laptop

It has been reported that after Google, Toshiba is the next Company to use Android Operating system. Toshiba has designed a new laptop Libretto W100 with its main focus on the companies having field workers.

The 10.1-inch smartbook is a small device weighing 1.8 pounds. The device runs on Android, which means it will definitely provide a number of applications including Skype, Microsoft Office, ReelTime and many more.

The Libretto has 62GB hard drive with a memory of 2GB in its RAM.

The device has been loaded with two 7-inch touchscreens so that different apps can be used at one time. Plus, you can also run use drag and drop for transferring information from one screen to other.

A spokesman from Toshiba said, "The hardware includes a one-megapixel Webcam with face recognition and an eight-cell battery that lasts four to five hours".

Then, there is also microSD card slot with a USB 2.0 port. Other features include Bluetooth, Flash Media Player and the option of using additional mobile broadband along with Wi-Fi connectivity.

With its Bulletin Board, you can easily manage your tasks by setting up descriptions, notes and reminders.

The Company has not yet given any statement about the price of this laptop but according to the sources, it will cost around $1500.