3-D Gaming – The Next Big Thing

It has been reported that the world's videogames giants, Nintendo and Sony, are now looking forward to publicize the 3-D version of their games.

While, Sony's PS 3 is competent of playing 3-D games on the big TV screens, its biggest rival Nintendo, is focusing more on the smaller screens.

Kaz Hirai, President and Group CEO for Sony Computer Entertainment said, "This is a whole other dimension for the PlayStation 3 and the industry".

While, Nintendo's new version of DS handheld will necessitate the users to purchase a new gaming device, Sony's 3-D games are capable of using in televisions, as well as, Sony's games do not require the users to wear particular goggles to witness the 3-D effect in the games.

Sony has also assured that it will launch the next series of its 3-D games by first quarter of the year 2011. However, the cost of this series has not been decided yet.

While Nintendo earned enough cash with its Wii and DS devices, Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PS 3 are now all set to provide a tough competition to Nintendo. They will definitely create a major difficulty for the sales of Nintendo Inc.

Moreover, the new motion-sensing technology of Microsoft and Sony as well as the gaming machines in Apple's iPhones will come in the way of the leading gaming giant, Nintendo.