People with Learning Disabilities Given Worst Care

As per a charity, a number of doctors and nurses are of the belief that people who have learning disabilities are given worst healthcare than what is given to the rest of the populace.

Mencap has found that approximately half of doctors and a third of nurses from a survey on 1,084 think that this is the real case.

It is demanding health trusts to sign a contract, which clearly offers the rights of people with learning disabilities and the responsibilities that hospitals need to show, while taking care of people with the condition.

The Government is of the opinion that getting rid of inequalities is the main concern.

Mencap's research that had been conducted by ICM amongst more than 1,000 doctors and nurses within the preceding month as well exposed that 45% of doctors and a third of nurses had seen a patient with a learning disability being deserted or being denied their dignity, while they come to seek medical help.

Four out of 10 doctors and a third of nurses surveyed were of the view that people with learning disabilities had to face discrimination coming their way in the NHS.

In spite of having legal protection, the survey found that people with learning disabilities were being not treated well since less than a third of health professionals had not had proper guidance to handle such cases.